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My Kind of Market!

A few Saturdays ago, I was lucky enough to experience the Saturday morning Tilba Market. Even though I've been to Tilba plenty of times, I'd never been on market day.

It's just a small market - maybe 15 sellers ? It was a below average day in terms of customer numbers, I was told, but it was vibrant and full of great quality fresh food. Looking around, the colour of the fresh vegetables beautifully presented in an array of baskets and wooden boxes caught my eye, and the smells of the bread, cakes, juices all mingled into something very enticing. It all looked fabulous. Definitely my kind of market, with my favourite kinds of foods and products:

Fresh, seasonal, organically grown vegetables, sold by the friendly growers themselves - a pleasure to spend time with.

Fantastic, creative bread made by hand from organic and sometimes biodynamic ingredients. As the baker commented (and I have also recently discovered) "once you've tasted biodynamic organic brown rice, there's no going back" ! This is the kind of bread that I like - it has a depth of flavour and is most definitely full of nutrition. I care about that.

Organic and free-range meat from John Walker of Palarang Meats & the Thompsons of Symphony Farm; Fabulous cakes that I quickly recognised as made by someone of German origin - my favourite kind of cakes - if you're going to have cake, make it heavy and indulgent!

Freshly squeezed juices - how refreshing to see and smell at the end of winter!

I also loved the chunky knitted alpaca (i think) scarves and hats - hand dyed, beautiful colours, very soft and very warm!

Brae Fire goat's milk soap that I regularly buy and recommend - smells great and doesn't dry your skin out.

Having done quite a lot of volunteer work for SCPA- South East Producers over the last 3 years, it was also really gratifying for me to see a hall full of past and present SCPA members, selling really great quality products. You don't often get to see so many of them all in one place.

It was very comforting to know this is a weekly (Saturday morning) market and how lucky are the people of Tilba who live close by and are able to do their weekly shopping there!

So, here's hoping for more markets like Tilba... Home grown, Hand-made, Grow it, Make it, Sew it, Bake it... I love it!

Submitted by : Sandra Gauld
23rd Oct 2014