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Farms with a Future: Tree Planting at Clarevale

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The SCPA Farms with a Future Ground Work Day at Clarevale and Margaret Farm on 19/10/16 was a ripper (pardon the pun). The property owner, Victoria Royds, enjoyed the day nearly as much as the participants did as she got 240 trees planted in 90 minutes.

Victoria Royds speaking to the group


The main event was the hands-on experience of mass tree planting using the Youman Tree Planter from Upper Shoalhaven Landcare.

The Youman Tree Planter


As always, ground preparation is the key to successful tree planting, and Victoria had ripped, mounded and rotary hoed the lines before the day.

The Youman Mounder


Inspecting the prepared soil


The plants were soaked in water to remove any air bubbles, as air pockets will kill plant roots. Seasol and a Phi'on plant probiotic were added to the water to give the plants a good start.

Preparing the plants


While they soaked we toured the property ...

Grass recovers quickly when not over-grazed


and had lunch.



Then we were off to do the planting.

Dropping the plants


3m spacing is achieved by watching for when the end of the 3m rope passes the last plant.

The 2 press wheels at the rear of the planter press the soil down on 2 sides of the plant, then a person using a hoe, mattock or boot forms that into a circle around the plant to catch and hold water.

Forming the circle and adding the tree guards


Tree guards are added, the plants are watered* and the job is done!

* The photographer was on other duties (explaining to participants how they can win a Farms with a Future grant) when the watering occurred. Honest!

Thanks to Victoria Royds, the participants, the Farms with a Future Team (David Newell, Penny Kothe & Carolyn Wells), the Caterer (Linda Sang in Cobargo) and South East LLS for a great day.

Farms with a Future is part of the $125 million of National Landcare Programme investment that Local Land Services is delivering to boost farm gate productivity and improve environmental health across NSW.

Submitted by : Carolyn
26th Oct 2016