Stallholders at the SCPA Markets : SCPA South East Producers

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Stallholders at the SCPA Markets
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Stallholders at the SCPA Markets
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Stallholders at the SCPA Markets
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Stallholders at the SCPA Markets

SCPA Markets Stallholders

Palarang Partnership Organic Meats

About: John Walker was brought up on Palarang, a certified organic grazing property near Bombala on the Southern Monaro. He took over management of Palarang in late 2002.

Palarang was first certified in March 2005 with the Biological Farmers of Australia and is now certified with the SCPA Organic Certification System.

Sheep and cattle are all grass fed on pasture, a mixture of introduced and native grasses. John uses the native biodiversity as a barometer of ecosystem health.

Palarang products are processed at the Orbost abattoir and Bombala Butchery and then sold direct to the public at local markets. Selected cuts can also be purchased at Pambula Wholefoods and Bombala IGA. Both Zanzibar Cafe, Merimbula and '40' Cafe use Palarang meat for menu items.


Phone: 02 6458 3852 or 0488 179 487



Burragate Organics

Proprietors: Tankred and Christel Mueller

Locality: Burragate, Bega Valley Shire

Products: Broad range of fruit and vegetables on a seasonal basis, hazelnuts and olives.

About: They own a 100 acre property in the Towamba Valley. It is a pristine position surrounded by South East Forests.

All their products are grown without chemicals. They maintain the health of the soils by using organic matter, worm juice and green manure.

Weed control relies on mulching and hand weeding. The worm farm produces 100 litres of worm juice a year. This is used on their 76m x 36m fruit orchard, pasture and 200 olive and hazelnut trees. An old fashioned style farm, it carries geese, chooks and Bazadaise cattle.

Sales Outlets: Markets at Bega, Wyndham, Nethercote and Pambula.


Attunga Farm Produce

Proprietor:  Halya Sztynda

Locality:  Greendale

Products: Garlic, olive oil, olives, eggs, tomatoes, chillis.

Neil & Margaret Bailey

Locality: Bega

Products: Australian made hoses.


Brae Fire Goats Dairy

Proprietor: Deborah Campbell

Locality: Brogo

Products: Hand crafted goats milk soap


Yellowpinch Produce

Proprietor: Christine Orman

Locality: Yellowpinch

Products: Fresh garden produce, jams, relishes, chutneys, home-made cakes, slices, muffins, lamingtons, mosaics.



Ethel Pepper

Locality: Bega

Products: Home-made biscuits and scrolls


Terry Rae

Locality: Kalaru

Products: Hand crafted timber products

Shiloh Soap

Proprietors: Ray & Victoria Clements

Locality: Quaama

Products: Hand crafted soap, fresh garden produce

Fishbone Farm

Proprietor: Thea Constantarides

Locality: Cobargo

Products:  Chemical-free vegetables

Sue Baskey

Proprietor:  Sue Baskey

Locality: Bemboka & Bega

Products: Chemical-free vegetables

Wild Gems Native Plants

Proprietor: Bernie & Therese Kocur

Locality: Yowrie

Products: Native plants

Wheatley Lane Bread

Proprietor: James Mayhead & Cici Legoe

Locality: Candelo

Products: Hand-made wood-fired sourdough breads

Terry & Gay Williams

Locality: Tarraganda

Products: Potatoes, seasonal vegetables and citrus


Wendy Young

Locality: Bega

Products: Haircuts

Catherine McEwan

Locality: Quaama

Products: Massage

Gary Kendall

Locality: Wyndham

Products: Seasonal fruit

Mother Earth Medicine

Proprietor: Sara Bear

Locality: Verona

Products: Seasonal vegetables, sauces, relishes, bio-fertiliser

The Sacred Cookfire

Proprietor: Emily Stokes

Locality: Candelo

Products: fermented foods and drinks, workshops

Tabandy Farm

Proprietor: Tabitha Zarins

Locality: Candelo

Products: Farm grown and hand spun/dyed wool and other fibres, seedlings

No Dig Gardens

Proprietor: Christa Rehwinkel

Locality: Wandella

Products: Seedlings, fresh produce