SCPA Stall Vacancy : SCPA South East Producers

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SCPA Stall Vacancy
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SCPA Stall Vacancy
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SCPA Stall Vacancy
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SCPA Stall Vacancy

Future Vacancy on the SCPA Stall

SCPA Stall Co-ordinator


The current co-ordinator of the SCPA Stall, Geoffrey Grigg, will be vacating the position later this year and SCPA-South East Producers is commencing the process of finding a person or persons to replace him.

The SCPA Stall

The SCPA Stall provides a reliable and regular outlet for local growers (especially those home growers and others who don’t have a stall of their own) and provides SCPA-South East Producers with a source of revenue. The Stall appears at the weekly Bega SCPA Market and at the weekly Tilba Market, as well as other events in the region.

The SCPA Stall also helps to gather email addresses for the SCPA News mailing list and it offers a point of contact for people wanting to learn more about SCPA, growing food and developing small food distribution networks in their community.

The Position(s)

The Position is a part time, unpaid voluntary position. It could be filled by one or more volunteers. A small team might be a good option. Group/team applications would be welcome.

Volunteers working on the stall are able provide the stall with produce, so long as procedures are in place to manage conflicts of interest with respect to the acceptance and sale of produce.

The work includes:

  • sourcing, collecting and/or receiving produce;
  • being the contact point for growers and buyers;
  • purchasing consumables;
  • transporting the stall equipment and (some) produce to the markets;
  • set up, sales, customer liaison, pull down;
  • transporting and storing the stall equipment;
  • paying growers and assisting growers to succeed;
  • liaising with market co-ordinator, making market bookings and paying market fees where applicable;
  • financial record keeping and banking;
  • working with and reporting to SCPA Executive members who oversee the role;
  • advising SCPA News each month of future SCPA Stall appearances.

As SCPA-South East Producers is an incorporated association, if you are over 55 years of age and have a Mutual Obligation Requirement (MOR) associated with Centrelink payment you could use this work to fulfil that requirement. Please note that because the work is not continuously supervised this only applies to people 55 years or more. There could be enough work to support 2 people with an MOR.

The Person(s)

Ideally, you will:

  • be fit and healthy (capable of lifting and carrying moderately heavy items);
  • be very reliable and self motivated;
  • have a reliable vehicle, for which SCPA pays mileage costs;
  • love dealing with people (growers, team members and buyers) in a supportive and cooperative manner
  • be prepared to help set guidelines and put processes into place that support active growers becoming reliable suppliers;
  • be able to work alongside the SCPA Executive Members who oversee the role; and
  • be capable of delivering a weekly activity report including basic financial reporting to the Treasurer.

Orientation and training will be available.

Enquiries and Applications

Enquiries to Paul McMurray on 0412 116 487 or Carolyn Wells on 0417 430 750. Applications to by Friday 5 May 2017 please.