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SCPA Markets, Bega Valley Seed Savers, SCPA Organics, South East Food, SCPA Education, Loomgrowers
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SCPA Markets, Bega Valley Seed Savers, SCPA Organics, South East Food, SCPA Education, Loomgrowers
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SCPA Markets, Bega Valley Seed Savers, SCPA Organics, South East Food, SCPA Education, Loomgrowers

Current SCPA Projects

SCPA Markets

Bega SCPA Markets run on Fridays from 8am to 1pm, Littleton Gardens, Bega. Tilba Market is run in conjunction with SCPA every Saturday morning in the Hall in Central Tilba. These markets provide a direct marketing venue for small producers in the South East region and allow consumers to source fresh, seasonal local food. Find out more

Bega Valley Seed Savers

Bega Valley Seed Savers is a volunteer group (part of a national network) that grows, saves, cleans, stores and distributes seeds of edible and useful plants. By saving seed of locally grown plants the group is helping to create strains of vegetable varieties that perform well in our region, as well as striving to ensure that old varieties are not lost. Strong local seed contributes to good locally grown food. Find out more

SCPA Organics

SCPA Organics is a recognised organic certification scheme that certifies producers in accordance with International and Australian standards, but not for export. The SCPA Organics certification process is suitable for small producers, primarily supplying local or regional markets. It is an independent brand that relies on the integrity of member producers. Find out more

South East Food

This project aims to make the region a supportive and exciting place to produce, experience and live on local food. It initiates and supports activities that will increase local food production, improve local food supply systems and increase local food consumption. Find out more

SCPA Education

SCPA Education is a branding that SCPA South East Producers is prepared to give to educational courses that are run by SCPA Members and which meet certain relevance, quality and risk management requirements. Find out more

Every Home A Farm & Every Day A Market

SCPA encourages and supports all households to grow food and to share, swap or sell their surplus. Find out more


Supports local women overseas to operate sustainable businesses, and the education of children through fundraising and awareness, with the sale of articles made by some of these women. Find out more

Eat The Park

Eat the Park is a joint project of SCPA-South East Producers and the Bega Valley Shire Council. Garden beds in Littleton Gardens, Bega, are planted with herbs, vegetables and flowers which are free to people to take and eat. A scented garden is also underway.

Future Projects

SCPA also undertakes or supports projects that are suggested by members, local organisations or other individuals. If you or your group have an idea for an activity that fits the SCPA aims, please let us know.


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