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SCPA Membership
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SCPA Membership
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SCPA Membership
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SCPA Membership

SCPA Membership

Members support SCPA through membership fees, use of the SCPA Markets to sell their produce, volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge and ideas. In return they can access the following member benefits:


Member Benefits Full Member
$80.00 per year
Associate Member
$40.00 per year
Introduction to members with common interests
Representing members' interests at local, regional and national levels
Marketing of your activities/products in SCPA publications and media
Referral of members to buyers seeking products or services
Discounts on certain activities & products
Discount rate for stalls at SCPA Markets in Bega
Able to sell small quantities at the SCPA stall at markets and events
Auspicing & grant sponsorship (for groups with 3 full SCPA members)
Able to join the SCPA Organics certification system
Able to have your training courses endorsed by SCPA Education
Able to vote at SCPA AGM and stand for election to the SCPA Executive


Membership is paid for 12 months from date of joinig. A reminder notice is sent before renewal is due. To join SCPA all you need to do is click on the link below and fill in our online form which will be emailed to our Membership Secretary.