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SCPA News is the weekly electronic newsletter of SCPA - South East Producers.

It aims to:

  • provide information about sustainable, regenerative agriculture and food security which is of direct value to local food producers.
  • build the network of people with a passion for sustainable landuse and living through opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

News items include:

  • land, equipment, stock or produce for sale/rent or wanted,
  • upcoming events where produce can be sold or bought
  • courses, workshops and similar opportunities to learn new skills and knowhow
  • information about grants, scholarships, internships and the like
  • links to media items of interest
  • opportunities to help others.

Anyone can send information to SCPA News. We reserve the right to edit or reject material. We do not include pictures or attachments. We do recommend the use of links. There is no cost for having a news item in SCPA News.

Please send your news to the Editor at

Deadline is 5pm Wednesday. Published Fridays.

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