2023 Harvest Brunch Coordinator : SCPA South East Producers

Harvest Brunch Coordinator Brief:

SCPA is seeking the services of an experienced event coordinator to organise a harvest brunch with live music at our Friday morning market at Littleton Gardens in Bega.  The coordinator should have experience in coordinating similar events and a good knowledge and links into the Bega Valley community and with local food producers and local food businesses. This is a one-off event.  The coordinator will be paid a small fee for this role. The event is to be organised for early Autumn 2023, no later than 24 March. Further information on the role is available on the SCPA website at Home : SCPA South East Producers.  Expressions of interest should be sent to louiserose55@gmail.com, no later than 10 November, 2022.    

The brunch will build on SCPA’s Friday morning market by inviting the community to enjoy a free meal and music. Participants will be able to register prior to the event and will be given a ticket which will enable them to select a meal and drink from a range of locally produced and prepared meals at the market.

The event will support the Bega Valley’s local food economy and provide a promotional opportunity for local growers, chefs producers and food businesses.  The food and drinks served for the brunch will showcase seasonal local produce.  Healthy eating and sourcing local sustainably grown produce are important themes for the brunch.  Food producers/businesses will be paid a set amount, consistent with the event budget, for each meal and drink provided.

Local musicians will play live music throughout the morning. Musicians will be paid a small fee for their contribution. The event will bring people together around tables set in the gardens and provide them with opportunities to see and taste a range of locally prepared meals. Families will be encouraged to participate.

The event will operate between the hours of 8.30 am and 1 pm.  Small tables will be set out in the open garden where people can eat and chat. Marquee shelter will be provided in case of bad weather conditions.

The Brunch Coordinator will be responsible for delivering an enjoyable, convivial event and for encouraging diverse community participation.  The coordinator will consult closely with SCPA Executive Members and the market coordination team throughout the planning and delivery of the event.

Tasks for the Brunch Coordinator:

  1. Event promotion through social and traditional media and through direct contact with organisations, groups and SCPA membership. Ensuring that a wide range of local organisations including those organisations which support marginalised and disadvantaged people are aware of the event and encouraged to participate.
  2. Arranging and supporting the participation of local food businesses and farmers in the event.
  3. Arranging the provision of 100 meals (with drinks, eg coffee, tea or suitable cold drinks). These meals to be provided by local businesses and to showcase seasonal local produce. Ensuring information about local produce, producers and food businesses is available for participants.
  4. Ensuring the event showcases a range of local foods and related products including fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains and bakery products, meat and seafood, ferments and drinks.
  5. Arranging live music is provided throughout the event by at least 4 different bands or individual musicians
  6. Ensuring that appropriate access and seating is available for disabled people and that those with special needs are supported to participate.
  7. Arranging donations of materials and equipment as appropriate to the event.
  8. Arranging the hire or borrow of all equipment and the purchase of all necessary materials.
  9. Arranging feedback, including simple, short survey, and encouraging participants to provide feedback
  10. Consulting with Bega Valley Shire Council for the delivery of the event and ensuring SCPA executive members are well informed of all these consultations and participate where appropriate.
  11. Ensuring that the event operates within budget, providing full financial accounting and receipts for all expenditures and coordinating with the SCPA Treasurer.
  12. Ensuring that contributing organisations are acknowledged in all promotional materials, consistent with the grant agreement with Bega Valley Shire Council.
  13. Providing, by no later than 27 March 2023, a report on the planning and operation of the event, including against aims and objectives for the event and against key performance indicators as set out in the grant agreement.


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SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.